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Bought a mattress set from Ivan that was defected They replaced it with a cheaper set with no refund for the differance in price.After buying new mattress pad,sheets and so on for the new mattress,then they replaced the mattress with a much thinner one.No one seemed to care about all the trouble and expense this was.I will never buy again from this store. They should not have had this mattress on the floor to sale in the first place.The delevery guy said they had picked up a lot of this same mattress,so what do you think.

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June 9th, 2011

Ivan Smith Furniture has just became aware of these compliants. Infact, we were not aware of this web-site until today.

We would like to respond to the compliants about Ivan Smith Furniture that are posted above. We will gladly discuss the merits of each compliant on an individual basis. You may contact me directly at 318-683-3911.

Ivan Smith Furniture has been in business for over 50 years. Our goal is to stay in business by making and keeping Happy Customers who are satisfied with our product, service and prices. We can not please all the people all the time, but we will try.

Joey Stephens

Ivan Smith Furniture

Social Networking Coordinator


I have purchased from Ivan Smith two times. Once for Lane Double Recliner and Reclining Sofa in 2008 and had no luck with repair or replacement of the Double Recliner.

I also purchased the extended waranty which covers nothing but damage, but I did't realize that. In 2010, I purchased a king size bed(only because it was the only one that I had seen and liked) and the side rails are inferior to the bed, splitting and do not fit properly. I even paid cash for my items because I did not like the finance charge percentage. I emailed them and have never received a response.

Never again will I purchase anything from Ivan Smith. My next step will be the Better Business Bureau and I'm not sure this will help.

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