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I went and purchased a dinning table and chairs, and chair and ottoman. They were priced clearance and final sale.

No problem .. furniture was all good dinning table had a couple scratches I was okay with that. They deliver my furniture and I am standing at the end of the truck watching them unload my chair/ottoman they load the chair with the wood part face down on bed of the truck with no padding or anything. I watched them scoot the chair to the edge truck and then they flipped it over.

it was covered with 6 deep scratches and I started question them why they loaded my furniture like that. plus they had 5-6 furniture blankets thrown in the bottom truck they could of use them. The delivery guy goes and gets a furniture pen and starts covering all the scratches! I was shocked..

so I am standing there watching him try and feel in all scratches some are deep.. remind you. I told him he could stop that it was not acceptable and he could take the chair back. I called store manager he said well the chair was clearance and bought as is.

I said yes but that is not the way I bought it in the store.. so after discussion I suggested he make good on the chair. He said he would NOT give me a new one but they would replace the wood panels on the chair or refund my money. We will see what comes of this..

I suggest they make good or I will see them in court. I took pics of the chair when they delivered..I was planning on buying more furniture from them but I am not sure I will now. Wow I also paid $89 for terrible delivery of my furniture!

My next letter is to Better Business Bureau!

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About three years ago, I purchased the Leather Coffee nailhead Recliner sofa and loveset. Since purchasing the set, I have had the sofa replaced three times due to discoloration.

The first sofa began to fade 6 months after I purchased it.

At first, I thought I just purchased a bad sofa; but after experiencing the same discoloration on the other two replacement sofa, I realized that the furniture was just poor quality. I was even more upset that I pissed away $2500.00 I will never purchase leather furniture from Ivan Smith again.


:) I just want to say that the people in your Emory, Tx. store are the best!

Especially Linda Evans the Manager, she treats you like family and goes ABOVE AND BEYOND the call of duty!

She is the sweetest, kindest person you could ever wish to come in contact with. We will continue to do any and all of our business there with her for everything we may need in the future!

to Bobby and Barbara Oldfield Lone Oak, Texas, United States #672507

I agree ...we love her too!



I am very disappointed to here about this. Ivan Smith Furniture is my family business and I don't like it when we fail our customers. Will you please send me your contact information so I can make sure you are taken care of? (


Trey Smith

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