Let me first warn you about getting scammed by the sales rep at the counter at Ivan Smith- Longview TX. I bought two brand new couches in the store- my sales rep was Ricardo Garcia- and when I went to check out- he had added up made up amounts really fast on his calculator right in front of me- he put in charges that I didn't know what they were for. So I asked him to wait a minute so that I could calculate myself on paper- and came up to what I owed- it was over $300 less than what he was doing. I asked how he came up with a higher amount- he said he didn't know- but I saw him add in charges that were not on my ticket-he kept having the secretary make changes to his computer screen. After that experience- I decided I would just order on-line- I had lost respect for this salesman- and the secretary- and I did report this to the store when they had emailed me a questionnaire about my experience shopping there. I never heard back about this incident. Bizarre experience!

Next my orders on-line resulted in receiving used pieces-They will try to pass off their used stuff to see if you catch it is what I have gathered- before you press for the new stuff you actually pay for!

My full experience is explained below.

I ordered from Ivan Smith on-line store- to pick up at my local Ivan Smith furniture store located here in Longview TX. I ordered two items- a settee and one chair to find that upon delivery- the settee had worn legs with many imperfections including a noticeable chip in the leg- material was clearly not new- the slightest coat of worn soil on the fabric- and holes in the bottom of the lining underneath. Now this store tried to pass this off as new to me- I was never told it had been a floor model! The second item- a Ava swivel chair glider that was delivered to me-had two black- deep impressions located in the bottom flaps that touch the floor- like the flap had been caught in a door or something that engraved the flaps with deep black gashes. It also had slightly worn imperfections- slight dirt scraps under cushions- and clearly not new.

I did not expect to receive used furniture after paying new prices! with this store on-line- I cannot trust this store to order anything else and expect to be treated as a valuable customer- and to receive the NEW furniture I paid for.

So be warned about this practice at Ivan Smith Furniture.

They did come out to replace the swivel glider- but I had to spend time on the e-mail/phone in order to get it right- and the disappointment after waiting for the pieces- to be treated this way- I have no respect for the people that run this store.

In the end- they marked the settee down and they replaced the damaged chair for a new one- after pressing the matter- dealing with them has been time wasted- energy lost- and anxiety over the hassle of it all- over simply trying to receive new merchandise I had already paid for. I had told them they should have left the damaged chair here for trying to swindle me but they picked it up- no compensation for my wasted time and hassle. I would not recommend this store for fair business practices.

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